If you've seen 'American Sniper', you know what an awesome movie it is. But, as it pulls in almost a 400 million dollars, is Chris Kyle's family getting royalties off the movie that was based on his memoir he wrote before he died?

According to Yahoo:

Chris Kyle told friends and business associates that he viewed any profits from his memoir American Sniper as “blood money.” Though his book became a best-seller, he never collected money from it, friends said, donating the proceeds to the families of two friends and fallen SEAL members, Ryan Job and Marc Lee.”

Claims say that Chris Kyle verbally promised money made from 'American Sniper' would go to those two families, but then he was killed. Before he passed the families got the profit money from his memoir, about $56,000. But, now Chris' widow, Taya, sits on the 'American Sniper' empire that has earned about $6 million and more to come on the way.

Conflicting reports, say that the families of both Job + Lee are not happy that they did not receive any (more) money from 'American Sniper'.

Taya Kyle hasn’t spoken publicly about proceeds from the book and movie, but she was pressed about her willingness to pay the Jobs and Lees in a separate business dispute.

Should the other families get more money? Did they already get enough? Should they still honor Chris' verbal vow to their families? Or does Chris' wife need to take care of herself too?




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