The price of just about everything has gone through the roof across the country. Here in New York State, we seem to feel the pain of rising prices even more as we are taxed higher than most other states. Where does that tax money go? It depends on what the state law makers have in mind for that money.

From income, to gas, to cigarettes, New Yorkers are faced with higher taxes each year and if you own guns, there is a new tax that is being proposed and the money collected will be used in a specific way.

If the new bill becomes law, each round of ammunition will be taxed anywhere from 5-10 cents. For those who shoot often, this may get very expensive.

The goal of the tax is not to disincentivize the purchase of ammunition, but to put some of that money back into the community. As such, the maximum tax is five cents per round of ammunition. The revenue collected will help fund the work need- ed to reduce and prevent gun violence in the State.

Here in Western New York, a new gun training center/retail location recently opened it's doors. Just Holster It had it's grand opening earlier in March and the massive facility is being used to instruct and educate those who are interested in learning more about firearms or need service.

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