They've already made the announcement about who would have the honor of announcing the incoming draft picks at the NFL Draft.  But who should it be?

The NFL has been allowing special people to make the announcement of who a team would be choosing at the NFL Draft for a few years now.  In the past, we've seen people like Fred Jackson, Andre Reed, Eric Wood, Bruce Smith, and even superfan Ezra Castro (better known as "Pancho Billa") get the opportunity to welcome in their new draft picks..

This year, they've announced that it will be Stevie Johnson back to introduce their 2nd round pick (he announced their 3rd round pick in 2019) and NFL Analyst Kyle Brandt will announce their third-round pick.

I love the picks.  Both Stevie Johnson and Kyle Brandt have been cheerleaders for this team even though neither of them is actually from here.  They weren't born here, they don't live here, and neither of them plays here.  They just love the Bills.

But that has been a problem for some people.  While I understand the sentiment, I don't necessarily feel the same way.  A lot of people think there are fans who have been fans longer and lived through the awful years and still been fans.  They think that there are better choices to receive the honor.

Kyle Brandt has even said that he understands what an honor this is and promises that Bills Mafia will not be let down.

He said, "I understand there's a million people they could have asked. My announcement will not be boring, I can promise you that. By the time I am done, whoever this gentleman is that the Bills select in their infinite wisdom, I will make it feel like you drafted Bruce Smith all over again"

So I asked you...who do you think would be a better fit?  Who should get the honor of introducing the next class of players for the Buffalo Bills?

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