It’s no secret that there have been staffing troubles over the last year or two across the country, and Western New York is still feeling the effects.

You will still see “HIRING” signs as you drive your kids to school or head to work yourself, and you may wonder why there is still a shortage of employees. 

One group of employees took the decency of writing an apology note, explaining why the customer service may be a little less than sub-par.

It happened at a Dollar General in Lockport, New York. 

The letter reads: 

“Attention Dollar General customers. Due to unforeseen circumstances and the lack of leadership in the corporate level, we have decided to quit. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

I mean, if those circumstances are true, it’s nice that they took the time to write a letter, explaining why there may be an issue when it comes to the customer service satisfaction. 

According to one Lockport resident on Facebook, the employees “all walked out and left a handwritten note.”

This happened at the Dollar General located at 1201 Lincoln Ave, Lockport, NY 14094. 

We reached out to them for comment, but they haven’t responded. 

One customer, Nancy Baker, recounted her experience at the store over the weekend. She said, “Every aisle was blocked, full of merchandise to be put away…[I] have never seen anything like it.

Others have said that the store has closed at different times to cope with the loss of employees, so if you have any questions in regards to when the store will be open, you can find out more when you click here.  

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