The eclipse is coming on April 8th.  If you're prepared, you've already gotten your free glasses to watch.  But how can you tell if they're safe to use?

Have you heard there's an eclipse coming?  Of course, you have.  You can't escape it these days.  So you went out and got some glasses to watch.  But how can you tell if they're actually safe to protect your eyes?

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How can you watch the eclipse without looking at the sun?

In case you've never been told this, it's not safe to stare into the sun.  It's really bad for your eyes.  But how can you see the eclipse without looking at it?

They have glasses that you can get that will block out most of the intensity of the sun's rays so you can see the magic happen without losing your eyesight.  You can even get them for free in some places.

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How do you know if they're safe to look through them?

You should test your total solar eclipse glasses before the event gets here to make sure they will be safe to use when the moment happens. But there are some things to keep in mind when you do:

1.  Never use the sun to test your eclipse glasses.  It could be very bad for your eyes.

2. Test them while sitting down.  It'll be dark when you put them on.

3.  Use a bright light for the test.  Simply look at the light when you have your glasses on.  The light should appear dull.  You might even be able to see the filament in a bulb, but you shouldn't see the glow around it.

4.  If your eclipse glasses are scratched or damaged, don't use them.  Use a pair that are fully functional.

5.  If you have kids watching the eclipse with you, make sure they leave the glasses on at all times.  They will often want to experiment with peeking at it without the glasses on.  Keep an eye on them as you watch.

6. The glasses are still only meant to be used to look at the sun for short periods of time.

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