Remember when someone put a picture up of a dress and asked you what color it was?  The internet blew up with people on both sides claiming they were seeing a different color.  Today on New At Noon, we talked about a whole new optical illusion that's driving people crazy on the internet.

It's a picture of a bowl of strawberries (NOT the strawberries in the picture above, but at the link at the bottom of the page).  The simple question that goes with them is, "Are these strawberries red?"

You might be surprised with the explanation that goes with the picture.  Because they claim that the strawberries in the picture are not in fact red.  The picture has been stripped of all red color.

The picture is actually just a bunch of different shades of gray.  Not...that "Shades of Gray".  Your brain just sees strawberries and thinks, those are red.

Weird right?

So what do you think?  Is the internet lying to you again?

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