The wildfire smoke is starting to recede across New York State and any weather delays related to smoke should also be relaxing. But the next time you fly, you may want to pack light and carry on the luggage you have at some airports in New York State.

According to a recent study, there are a few airports where your luggage is more likely to get damaged and some of them are in New York State.

There are few things more frustrating than arriving to your vacation or destination and waiting for luggage at the carousel only to notice it is banged up, or what's worse, missing.

In the report from LifeHacker, New York City has one of the worst airports for luggage damage!

Each airport was then given a score out of 100, with 100 representing the highest rates of lost and damaged luggage. Based on those scores, these are the U.S. airports most likely to lose or damage your luggage, according to Forbes Advisor: JFK scored 100 out of 100!

Syracuse and Albany made the TOP 25 as well!!
There is good news for those who don't like to fly in the stormy weather and turbulent skies. New technology will allow for pilots and airlines to adjust the flight path and schedules to make for smooth flying.

There are reports that AI technology will soon be assisting pilots as they navigate over the rough air and helping airlines keep flights on schedule.

According to a report from

American Airlines has new technology that’s enabled them to avoid cancelling 1,000 flights in just the past year. It helps them recover quickly during weather events, replacing manual processes with computers. And it changes how we should think about who’s at fault when a flight does cancel.

Have you ever flown with a kid who is not happy about flying? We have four kids and recently, I took our seven-year-old on a trip from Buffalo to Atlanta and he was feeling sick for most of the flight. I was super nervous trying to make him feel better and keep him from getting to the point to actually throwing up. What is a 2 hour-ish flight felt like all day!

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