This dad went the full measure to prove his point. It's as drastic as it is awesome. Embarrassing as it is applausable.

With the whole Miley Cyrus VMA disaster still fresh in everyone's mind, Myley Mackintosh has come to show her appreciation and following in Miley Cyrus (God Bless everyone who looks up to Cyrus). Short shorts, skanky outfits  is Myley's style and her parents don't exactly approve.
She says, “My mom told me to change my ‘slutty’ shorts before we went to dinner. . I said no. So my dad t cut his jeans to fit in. We went to dinner and then mini golf like this.”


Dad's response? “I simply did this in hopes that my daughter would know of my great love for her and that she knows of her great worth. Now that it has gone viral, I hope that young women everywhere understand their great worth. I will look like an idiot any day if that point gets across", according to Yahoo.


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