It is hard to get your hands on baby formula these days.  Someone on social media claims they've got a way to get it easily online.  Does it work?

Believe it or not, Amazon is not the answer to everything.

The latest supply chain shortage is baby formula.  Parents are really struggling to get their hands on it.  Some are having to get formulas that don't agree with their infant just to make sure they have something to eat.

So what do you do if you are one of those parents?  You can't let your child go without food, and breast feeding isn't an option for everyone.  So what are your options?

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A viral post on social media seems to have a simple solution and it has to do with Amazon.  The idea is that if you change your location from the US to Canada, you should be able to get formula delivered without issue.  Is it possible?

WGRZ tested this option on their own but didn't have much luck.  What they found was that some third-party sellers will sell their items independently on Amazon, but Amazon Canada will not ship baby formula orders to U.S. parents.

If you're saying, "well if a third party seller will sell it to me, why can't I just do that?"  Some medical experts are warning against it.

“The formula that you’re buying from overseas is just not regulated the way we’re used to formula being regulated here in the United States. So even though things have clearly gone a little bit wrong right now, overall, we are used to high standards of quality and our government in general has done a great job of making formula very safe,” - Jennifer Lightdale, M.D., a pediatric gastroenterologist at UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center

If you are looking for an alternate option for your baby, you might want to check some of these options which provide breast milk to families in need.

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