He has the items in his Amazon cart!

Jason Kelce was just here in Western New York when the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs played at Highmark Stadium. His brother Travis, of course, is playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. When Kelce was up in the suite watching the game with Taylor Swift, he took his shirt off and jumped out of the suite window. The crowd loved it. They went insane.

Apparently, he wanted to go jump through a folding table during the tailgate before the game. He went to a famous tailgate -- Pinto Ron's -- and did a shot out of a bowling ball, but never made the jump through the table. Jason Kelce's wife admitted during an interview that he really wanted to join the Bills Mafia and do so. Remember this is the man who just retired a week earlier from his long, long career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, there was a poll on social media to determine who has a cooler football name: the Buffalo Bills vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce said that he will jump through a "flaming table" if the Bills won the poll.

They did win the poll, so we will see what happens next.

Kelce even went as far as to show people his cart on Amazon and the items he needed are in there. It is unclear if he actually ended up going through and buying the items. Someone better tell him he got jipped on that folding table though. You can find them for about 60 bucks in some spots. Paying almost 200 bucks for table that you are going to ultimately just jump through seems pretty dumb.

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