We’re always talking about the most popular names for little baby girls and boys.But how about names that could be used to name a boy or a girl. Call ‘em gender neutral names. I have one – Dale. When I went to school – and it was a pretty large high school - there were only two students named Dale and the other was a girl.

I went to school with two Robins – one a boy, the other a girl.

There are some pretty common gender neutral names like Pat, Alex, Tony or Toni, Sam or Samantha, Aaron or Erin, Dylan, Lee, Jamie, Ryan, Bobby, Joey and many more.

But here are some unusual ones that are currently popular:

Riley and it can be spelled any number of ways – Rylee, Rileigh, Rhylee. I really like it, but I can’t say I know anybody by that name.

Jaylin – it’s more commonly used for boys, but pretty popular with girls too. It means beautiful jay bird.

Peyton or Payton has become popular. It’s one of many gender neutral names inspired by places. Others are Jordan, Dakota, Dallas, Phoenix, Devon and Prescott.

Cameron or Cam has a Scottish origin.

An Irish name that’s always popular is Corey and can be spelled a number of different ways including beginning with a “K”.

And another name drawn from the British Isles, this one has a Welsh origin meaning “son of the sea” is Dylan. But if it’s gender neutral I guess it could also mean “daughter of the sea.”

Ryan was traditionally a boy’s name, but a number of parents of girls are starting to use it.

Some others include, Taylor, Hunter, Reese, Riley, Skyler, Bailey, Kelly and Blake.

Can you think of others?


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