It’s never easy to say that the food wasn’t to your liking, but if you don’t say anything, how will they know for next time?

It’s worth noting that Buffalo is such a foodie town, that it rarely happens where a customer is displeased with their food. However, this tactic can be used for when it happens. 

Sometimes, you don’t even need to say a word for someone to know what you’re thinking and feeling, and when it comes to food, that is 1000% the case. 

There are nonverbal cues you can use on your plate to show how you thought the meal tasted, and it makes it very obvious to the server and kitchen staff. 

Take a look at some of the ways you can set up your silverware to indicate how delicious the meal was. 

Some things are better left unsaid, and now you don’t have to say anything!

The silverware meal etiquette is awesome too, because how many times have you been approached and asked if you were still eating, but you were chewing food? Using these indications will keep you from ever having to open your mouth to form an awkward response while chewing again.

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