Buffalo is known to be a hub of good ideas and great inventions.

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From chicken wings, air conditioning, and the pacemaker, to delights such as non-dairy creamer and American Express, there's a lot of innovation for Western New York to hang its hat on.

And we're no strangers to inventing new ways to have a good time. Lawn game sensations Kan-Jam and Chip-Down were invented here, and so was what is perhaps America's greatest carnival game -- I Got It.

Orrin "Peck" Catlin built the original set in his garage in 1961, according to WKBW.

"When BINGO was outlawed at fire halls in the early 60's, Peck put together the first "I Got It!" as a fund raiser for the Victory Volunteer Fire Company. Grandson Gary says that his grandfather even made some of the original prizes."

Necessity really is the mother of invention. Peck's family notes that he made many of the original prizes won at I Got It games at carnivals in the 60s.

"He made a lot of clocks and a lot of lamps, there are a lot of people in Western New York that have something that says "crafted by Peck Catlin" because they got it at a carnival."

Catlin sold the game a year before he passed away. It's now known as "Boxall's I Got It."

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