There’s nothing quite like happy hour on a Friday afternoon in Buffalo, New York, but there’s some other places we wish we could go when it’s time to celebrate the weekend. 

Think about it: how many times have you driven past a building that had former glory as one of the best bars in Buffalo? Or maybe there’s a place you have seen that would be so successful as a bar?

On the Buffalo subReddit, someone posed the question, “If you were given money to open your own bar/club, what street would it be on?”

If you were given money to open your own bar/club, what street would it be?
by u/singletxguyforfun1 in Buffalo

And turns out, a lot of people have considered being bar owners! Based on the amount of responses, there are quite a few locations that are just waiting to be turned into bars, and even though there are so many bars around Western New York, we still want more. 

According to the responses, here are 8 locations that could become really successful bars around Western New York:

  • "The 500 block and Roosevelt Square. Fattey, Overwinter, Graylynn, and OSB all do well down there and I think there’s room for more."

  • "I’d reopen Buffalo Proper tbh I miss that place so much."

  • "The strip on Delaware in Kenmore, starting with Mike and Pops, and ending with Fattey Beer. Between those places you have: Mike and pops, Mojo Market, Black Iron Bystro, Nowhere Lounge, Macys Pizza, and Fattey Beer."

  • "The strip on Elmwood, by Jackrabbit, soon to be CBW, breezy burrito, beer keep, Zios Deli, etc… this might be my pick if I’m mostly interested in a bar atmosphere, rather than a restaurant with it…"

  • "The Larkin District. Eckls, Swan Street, diner, hydraulic hearth, magic bear beer cellar, flying bison, buffalo distilling co., soon to be DA Taste, Chef Darian’s new place…."

  • "Niagara street toward downtown...I love how much life is in that area."

  • "I think a good sweet spot would be Delaware Ave, kind of near Hertel. I look at Mike and Pop's in Kenmore and its usually doing well. Gordons used to, not sure what the owners of the new place are doing. Places like Fattey, Nowhere and Black Iron at least appear to be drawing in older crowds who spend money but there's less risk of something wild happening. Kelly's has been around for years as well."

  • "I'd open one on George Urban midway between Harlem and Union. Or on Tonawanda Street in Riverside. An old-school tavern with $1.00 drafts and shot and a beer for $2.50. Jukebox in the corner, 2 Full-size pool tables, a cork dart board, and a skittleball table and shuffleboard table."

Places like Buffalo Proper are so sorely missed…it would be nice to have some of those old favorites of ours return to the modern day. 

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