The spring and summer months in Western New York are some of the most exciting for outdoor fun! However, a new warning from local police has some on alert this week around the Buffalo suburbs.

The weather seems to be back to a regular pattern. The hot and dry weather is behind us, for now. But the spring and summer bring about more wildlife activity and recently there have been numerous reports of bears wandering around.

From Alden to Eden, we have had reports of black bears moving through backyards and golf courses looking for their next snack. The bears seem to really enjoy the easy targets like a bird feeder or open garbage tote.

The Orchard Park Police have issued a warning on their Facebook page after another bear was spotted roaming near Cole Rd in the Town of Orchard Park.

This comes just days after the video below was sent to us of a bear caught on a trail camera near Eden, NY. This was just a day or two after a massive bear was seen in the Alden-Marilla area.

The New York State DEC advises all of us not to feed the bears. This is particularly important for those who are camping in a public area. The bears get used to the easy meals and become more and more brave. This could lead to a dangerous interaction with humans and, in some cases, could lead to officials having to euthanize a bear. Be smart around wildlife and respect the fact that they are just that; wild animals.

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