Buffalo does it better, and that is surely the case when it comes to food and any competition whatsoever. 

Whether it is chicken wings, fish fries, tailgates, or bowling, anyone from Western New York will tell you that we take it up a notch. 

One thing that is often left off the list is bingo. In Western New York, there is no “beginner bingo.” Trust me, I would definitely know…I tried to go to a bingo game at Our Lady Of Pompeii in Lancaster only to accidentally call out a “bingo!” when I didn’t know what we were playing for…

Don’t worry, though…I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I would love to help you with your bingo bonanza! 

There are some bingo centers that are more open to newbies, and all of the experienced bingo players love to return to. But something you should know before you attend any of the bingo centers is…you must have your own dauber. 

What is a dauber? A dauber is the tool that you use to mark your numbers on your bingo card when they are called. Let my experience serve as a warning: the bingo daubers are not supplied for you. Make sure you have your own before you show up for the weekly bingo. 

If you don’t have a dauber just yet, that is ok! You can order your bingo daubers here.  

Now that we settled that, where should you go to play bingo in Western New York?

There are so many places that are worth mentioning, but the bingo locations listed below are by far the best places to go for bingo.

2024 Best Bingo Halls In Western New York

If you are looking for the best bingo halls, you have found them! Thanks to Bingo Planner, we found the top 24 best bingo halls in Western New York for 2024.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Canva Image, Getty Image


Is there one we missed? Email kadie@wyrk.com to add your favorite bingo hall to the list! 

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