The way we look at Christmas sure has changed over the years. These days, it seems, Christmas starts as soon as the kids get done trick-or-treating. It happens earlier and earlier every year. But there are some new trends that we seem to have improved on and made even better.

Most are saying that we will spend more collectively on gifts this year than previous years. The post-pandemic era has us getting together again with friends and family and even with soaring inflation, people are spending more on gifts. Everything is more expensive even that tree you will find those gifts under.

My wife and I have decided to join the trend of buying a tree that is in a pot. We have three kids and they get to decorate their own tree and then we will plant the trees in the spring! It is a great way to celebrate the season and add to the landscaping as well! I love supporting the local nursery and tree farms and this is a great way to do that and also keep more trees from being cut down each year.

Clay Moden

We are just days away from Christmas and the New Year and New York is getting ready to go to a more energy efficient model of how we heat out homes in the next few years. There are some things that we can do to help with conservation and it seems like adding trees to the neighborhood is a great way to improve the environment around us.

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