Buffalo-area chefs sure know how to make good food, and a warm, delicious cup of soup is no exception. 

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Why is soup so great in the fall?

Nothing better warms you up on a chilly fall day than a steamy cup or bowl of chowder, chili, or broth-based soup. Thick, thin, full of meat, noodles, or stocked with veggies, spicy, savory - no matter how you like it, it's perfect soup weather when the temperature drops.

Soup is excellent when you’re sick

Fall is also the time when our friends, family and coworkers start to get the sniffles. When you’re feeling under the weather, a soothing cup of soup is just what the doctor (or your mother) ordered. It’s great for a sore throat or to clear up a stuffed-up nose.

Soup is the perfect meal

Ordering a cup or bowl of tasty soup at your favorite Buffalo spot is quick, cheap, and satisfying. The best part? You can get some to go and heat it up at home for a steamy fix whenever you’re craving it.

Here are nine perfect spots to cozy up to a cup of soup on a chilly fall day here in Buffalo.

9 Great Places For Soup On A Chilly Fall Buffalo Day

Soup = the perfect Fall food in Buffalo.

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