This is just about gold.

If you can't sleep, this is perfect. Maybe you roll over too many times in the middle of the night. Or maybe when your going to sleep is the same exact time that your brain starts going into over-drive, thinking of things you don't even think of during the day. Or the classic, which happens most around here, we know we only have a few hours of sleep so we constantly are checking our phones making sure we didn't over sleep.

If you use a white noise in your room that could help, but maybe try staring at this on your ceiling for 5 minutes and it is so soothing that you'll fall asleep right away.

It's a bit more money than I would have expected, but then again I guess that's why we received the $1,200 from the government--to stimulate the economy. It's a projector that puts this relaxing, universe or galaxy feeling on the ceiling. They say in the description that it is for kids, but lets be honest, sometimes the "kids" things work out in the parents favor. You can purchase it on Amazon in the link below and they go for between 35 bucks and 60 bucks.


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