We hear a lot about Western New York, but you never hear much about the other side of the state. 

Why is that?

Maybe it’s because…Western New York is better? 

I mean, at least every Western New Yorker will tell you that. 

The truth is, there are perks to both of these regions in New York state, but if you’re asking someone from Buffalo, New York why we might have the upper hand, here are 5 reasons to defend our stance. 

  1. We’re Home Of The Only True New York Football Team

    1. The Buffalo Bills are the only true football team in New York state, whereas all the eastern residents cheer on the New York Giants….or should I say New Jersey Giants?
  2. It’s Pop, and Eastern New Yorkers Are Wrong

    1. If you were to visit the Eastern part of New York state and ask someone for some pop, they would probably be confused….because in Eastern New York, they call it soda.
    2. Cringey, I know. 
  3. Better Food

    1. It may be called the garbage plate, but it is a piece of culinary art! Plus, how are you going to top our chicken wings? Buffalo is the capital for them, after all! Eastern New Yorkers can stick with their mini hot dogs and maple syrup.
  4. Bigger Means Better…Right?

    1. Some of New York's biggest cities like Buffalo and Rochester are found in Western New York, but in the east, you'll find smaller cities.
  5. We’re Friendlier.

    1. They don’t call Buffalo the “City of Good Neighbors” for nothing! Historically, we have always been accepting of new people – Buffalo transplants, if you will.  Western New York is just full of really nice people, and we always come to each other’s side in a time of support and need or to celebrate and rejoice. 
    2. We’re not saying that Eastern New Yorkers are mean…we’re just saying that Western New Yorkers are more friendly and welcoming!

If you’ve never been to Western New York or Eastern New York, pay them both a visit and decide for yourself which one is better!

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