The weekend is going to be fun for kids of all ages who love the thrill and horsepower of large and powerful trucks!

According to a report on their Facebook page, The Eastern Hills Mall invites your family to join them this Saturday, March 6th.

Facebook/Eastern Hills Mall

This sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday! With plenty of trucks to see and lots of food, it is a good way to get out of the house and have some family time. Batman and Billy Buffalo will also make an appearance this Saturday.

It is great to see events coming back to Western New York. As the guidelines change, and more people get a vaccine, things are starting to be a whole lot more fun that they were a yer ago. The pandemic is still here and the risks are still around. However, fresh air and fun might be exactly what the doctor order for those who have a bit of cabin fever after this past winter and one of the coldest Februaries I can remember.

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