People choose their college based on a long list of criteria.  However, if you're looking for a party school in Buffalo, which is bigger? also ranks colleges based on a long list of criteria.  One of them is the party scene.

Why wouldn't you?  There's a lot to be learned by this ranking.  If you're not interested in parties and nightlife and you're going to college simply to study and get that degree that will put you into the next step in your life, you might want to know that a certain school is a major party school.

Vice versa, if you are looking for some independence and are trying to learn how to have fun, and increase your social skills as well as your knowledge, you might want to know if a school is going to be all about business.

So Niche ranked many of the colleges in NY based on "student reviews and nightlife statistics. Top party colleges have a vibrant and diverse party scene - they offer fun options both on and off campus and students rate their peers as being fun, friendly, and into partying. Read more on how this ranking was calculated."

According to this list, neither Buff State or UB even cracked the top 10.  Buff State came in higher at 15 and UB came in at 24 based solely on the party scene.  UB received a much higher overall score.

The top party school on this list...Syracuse University.

Where did your school come in?  Check out the entire list here.

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