It's been a long time since so many people were talking about the Bills like they are this year.  They're even making sculptures for them out of snow.

What is more "Buffalo" than snow? Aside from wings, it's one of two things that most out of towners think about when they think of Buffalo. So it makes sense that true Buffalonians embrace it at every turn.

Some of the greatest games I've watched the Bills play in required people out on the field shoveling off the yard lines so that people knew what yard line we were on.  Tre'Davious White was doing jumping jacks and making snow angels in between plays.  Where most teams count their fans as the "12th Man" we get to count the snow as our 13th.

Now, the fans are making snow sculptures to show off their pride in the Buffalo Bills. It's not the first time someone has decided to do it, but it's one of the best I've ever seen.

This snow sculpture was found on Facebook and is credited to an artist named Eric Jones.

Click here to see the picture.

I gotta admit, that's a lot of detail there. If you've ever done a snow sculpture, you know how hard it is to make them not only look smooth but also not misshaped. It's not easy to do. The logo is right on. Everything about this is perfect. He nailed it.

People are excited about this Bills team, and rightfully so. They've created a lot of hype around town. Are they as good as advertised?  We will find out. There is only one more game left in the regular season. Then the playoffs start. After next week, the Bills have to remain undefeated or chance watching the super bowl from home...again.

Go Bills!


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