Who would have thought we were at a point where we'd need a Bill of Rights for cruise ship passengers? I guess with all that has happened with cruise ships -- from the partial sinking of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 (32 lives lost), to the Carnival Cruise stuck in the Gulf of Mexico, to the most recent cruise ship mishap, the Carnival Legend losing engine strength while at sea -- we must need this Bill...right?

Well, New York Senator Charles Schumer feels that passengers should be protected when and if incidents like these arise. Schumer said that many of these cruise lines slide "under the radar" when it comes to ship regulations.  Some of the rights proposed include:

- A passenger's ability to leave a disabled vessel.

- All ships must have a back-up power source.

- All passengers must receive proper medical treatment if needed, with medical staff on board the ship.

- Passengers get full refund.


(Metro Source)

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