To say it was a windy day in Western New York on Sunday would be an understatement.

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Gusts were up to 50-60 mph as down trees and powerlines were all over the region. The winds were so bad that it even brought down trees, and yes, even a billboard.

According to WIVB, a billboard fell onto a gas station along Route 5 in Lackawanna. You can see the photo below.

No injuries were reported but it did cause quite the sight for drivers near that gas station in Lackawanna.

The storm was powerful enough to cause flooding in numerous locations around Western New York as well, especially near the lakeshore.

Here in South Buffalo, the winds were howling and large tree branches littered the streets near the Lackawanna and West Seneca border.

It was a scary night, and probably the most power winds I've seen since the Halloween night wind storm from last year, where many people here in Western New York lost power going into November 1st.

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