We're pretty used to it around here - waiting for next year.  With an eye toward a possible playoff spot the Bills needed to beat the Colts, but the Bills came up way short.  And it started early with the Colts returning the Bills first punt for a touchdown and the Colts were off and running toward a 20-13 win.

The Bills had some good individual performances.  CJ Spiller ran for 107 yards.  Stevie Johnson caught six passes for 106 yards.  And Mario Williams is beginning to look like the player the Bills brought him here to be.  Williams was a force on defense and finished with a season-high three sacks, but after the game said it didn't mean anything because the Bills lost the game.

So where's the problem?  I've been saying it for a while - coaching. I wish coach Chan Gailey would concentrate on being a head coach.  His focus seems to be calling plays when he might be overlooking game situations.  Give somebody else the job of calling the plays.  Continue to have some influence on the calls, but let somebody else do it.

It's not like Gailey's play calling has been brilliant.  Hardly.  You sometimes have to wonder why he calls the plays he does.  In the 3rd quarter Ryan Fitzpatrick connected with Stevie Johnson on a 63-yard pass play giving the Bills a first down at the Indy 17, but then Gailey called three straight pass plays and the Bills settled for a field goal.  With a dangerous weapon like Spiller in the lineup, he didn't touch the ball in that series.  Why?

The Bills drop to 4 & 7 and pretty much have the slimmest of chances of making the playoffs.  So what do fans have to look forward to?  The college draft and next season.