You've heard the phrase when something is hard to find that it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Well...this one might be harder to find than that. would mean the world to a couple who love the Bills.

Saturday night, the Buffalo Bills took on the Miami Dolphins in what was one of the most dramatic games for the Bills in modern history.  It came down to a last-second kick by Tyler Bass to seal it.

Unfortunately, though, one Buffalo couple will remember this game for a different reason.  They'll remember it as the day they lost their wedding ring!

Kelsey Anne put the post up on a Bills Mafia page asking for people to look out for the ring and hope that someone found it.

They gave as much of a description as they possibly could as to where it may have fallen off.  They were sitting in section 311, but if you've ever been to a game and parked a little further from the stadium, you know that it could be just about anywhere in that long block.  They believe it may have fallen off when he stopped to help an SUV get out of a parking lot around the Red Carpet Inn.

Again, it could be anywhere.  But they're looking for help from the Mafia...and if anyone seems to make impossible things become possible, it's them.

I've embedded the tweets and put a link to the group where she posted the original call for help in case anyone has a metal detector or possibly came across the ring in the course of the last couple days.

I know, it's a needle in a haystack, but it's an important one for this couple.


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