The 2020 NFL season has been officially wrapped up for three weeks (five for the Bills) but as is the case every year in the NFL, there really is no downtime, except for maybe a small part of June. That's no different this offseason as there is plenty to talk about in regards to the draft, free agency, and even the 2021 regular-season schedule.

You may have heard about a much-rumored 17-game schedule that the NFL could implement, starting in 2021. That appears to be "highly likely," and according to a report from longtime NFL writer and reporter Peter King, it would probably start in 2021 with the AFC getting the first shot at extra home games.

According to his column in Pro Football Talk, King said he's hearing it's most likely the AFC will be hosting the week 17 games in 2021...which would mean the Bills get nine home games, instead of the usual eight.

That would mean NFC teams would host the extra home game in 2022.

King adds that TV partners and the league are working under the assumption the 17-game schedule will be starting next season since there was a new CBA approved the last offseason.

This means the Super Bowl would get pushed back a week (to February 13th) and there would be 17 games in 18 weekends, with no extra bye.

That would probably mean the Bills would host a week 17 game in early January, with the likelihood of Buffalo hosting the Washington Football Team, according to Sal Capaccio, since it would be the same-place AFC and NFC East teams in 2020.

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Nothing has been made official yet, but get ready for 17 games starting in 2021, by all accounts. If you're a Bills season ticket holder, this means you get an extra home game, but how much more would you pay? We'll have to wait and see.

You can read the full story from Peter King here.

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