Most people in the Bills Mafia would pay a ridiculous amount of money to snag one of these rare Bills Mafia coats, but where do you find them?

When there’s a will, there’s a way, I assure you. 

If you ever need ideas on new Bills Mafia merch, it may be a good idea to look through some fan photos from previous Buffalo Bills games. That’s exactly what Elizabeth Stupski was doing when she stumbled upon, what she calls, a “flawless coat.” 

Like most people that see this coat, you want to know how you can get it. So Stupski looked for answers on social media in the Bills Mafia Babes Facebook group. 

Photo Credit: Facebook Group Bills Mafia Babes
Photo Credit: Facebook Group Bills Mafia Babes

She said:

“If this gorgeous babe is in this group… I will pay a stupid amount of money to know where you got this FLAWLESS coat. You ate this frame UP."

The post managed to find its way to the rightful owner, Ashleigh Dopp, who confirmed that there are more of these Bills Mafia Coats on the way. 

That’s right – these coats are handmade. 

Dopp calls the item a “Cruella De Bills Buffalo Faux Fur Coat Red White And Blue,” and it seems like everyone wants one after last weekend’s game. 

“More in stock in a week then 15 more days,” Dopp said. 

Tons of people who already own the coat jumped at the opportunity to talk about how amazing it really is. 

Kathleen Schmitt from Buffalo is one of the many people who already purchased her Cruella De Bills coat. 

“I own one and can attest it’s warm and wonderful,” she said. “Strange sizing because it’s from overseas but fabulous.” 

Photo Credit: Etsy Website
Photo Credit: Etsy Website

According to Dopp’s site on Etsy, the coat is priced at $140.00, but it’s perfect for a snowy game in Buffalo. 

If you want to place your order for the coat, you can click here

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