Pancho Billa, whose real name is Ezra Castro, has Stage 4 Cancer and will receive his 22nd Chemo treatment today, according to WGRZ News.  Despite having Stage 4 Cancer, nothing, not even a Stage 4 level of Cancer, stops Pancho (Ezra) from supporting his favorite team, the Buffalo Bills.

To recognize and honor Pancho Billa's loyalty to, commitment, and #1 Fan support of the Buffalo Bills, another Bills' Fan entity, 'The Bills Mafia', showed up to this past Sundays game with an Appreciation / Christmas Gift delivered by Channel 2 WGRZ Sports reporter Jonah Javad.

One of the 'Bills Mafia' members, 26 Shirts founder Del Reid (according to WGRZ News), set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a 'Special Family'.  Del Reid wanted the fundraiser to be a secret and was successful in doing so by sending Tweets to specific people asking them to donate and respond to the fundraiser while keeping it a secret.  Respondents obliged and the fundraiser garnered more than $5000.  Reid had figured out that about $4000 was needed to Bless this 'Special Family', and now he had over the amount needed.

The 'Special Family' was Ezra Castro, his Wife, and two children who were overjoyed at this past Sunday's Bills game when Channel 2 WGRZ Sports Reporter Jonah Javad presented the family with an all expense paid visit to ... Disney World.


I think I can speak for everyone here at WBLK, and definitely for myself, in extending our Prayers to Pancho Billa that all signs of Cancer WILL disappear and wish Ezra and Family a remarkable & memorable vacation/trip to Disney World.


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