There is a dance to Buffalo's beloved Buffalo Bills song: The Shout Song. Everyone knows the song, but do you know the moves? Here is where you can learn the dance to the Bills' Shout song.

It was choreographed last year, and more and more people post their attempts at the dance on social media. In the video below, you can even see some of the Buffalo Bills players doing the dance at practice!

Katherine Cahoon posted the how-to video on YouTube:

Ever since I posted one about the viral Bills SHOUT Dance, fans have messaged me asking to learn it. Here, two dancers from Future Dance, the local group that created it, team up with me to teach you the choreography!


How to do the Buffalo Bills Shout song Dance.

The Buffalo Bills song 'Shout' is really the spin-off of the classic Isley Brothers song called 'Shout'. The version we all know and love is actually a re-recorded version by a singer from Indiolopis named Scott Kemper.

Kemper was asked by a friend to record the Bills' version of the song in 1987 and never thought it would take off as it did. Kemper is a musician who has a couple of albums and has been heard on several national TV and radio commercials including commercials for Coca-Cola", according to Dave Fields.

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