Here in Buffalo, we've heard the Shout song about a million times.  But there's a good chance you've never heard it like this before.

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For those of you who are reading this that aren't from Buffalo, the Shout song is kind of like Buffalo's fight song.  You know...colleges and universities have songs that their band plays to get the crowd hyped up, well, we have this song.

It was created by a guy named Scott Kemper in 1987.  Based on the Isley Brothers hit from 1959, it uses the "Hey-ey-ey-ey" part that fans will echo back and forth.  That part of the song has kind of become something that people will randomly do in Buffalo just to see where the other Bills fans are in the crowd.

The Bills play it after every score (touchdowns and field goals).  Add that to just about every single wedding that is celebrated here and you can guess that we've heard it...a lot.

We've got a week off while the Bills are on a bye.  If you want something to hold you over until the next kickoff, maybe think about adding this to your tailgate playlist.

Someone decided to reimagine the Shout song again.  His name is Jeremy Shields and he's remixed it and added some drums to get people even more hyped up.


The question is: Would Buffalo go crazy if they heard this?  Or is it too different from the original?

Personally, I love it.  But if I'm playing it at a party, I would do this first, then go into the original.  People will always want to hear the original in full, but there's nothing that says you can't add to it.

What do you think?  Would this get you pumped up?

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