Oh, Bills Mafia. What would we do without you?

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Even through freezing temperatures and blowing snow, Buffalo Bills fans can find the fun. A video filmed inside Highmark Stadium during the latest Western New York winter storm proves that they can make the best of any situation. 

A massive lake effect snow band settled over Orchard Park, New York throughout the day on Sunday, bringing huge wind gusts and  tons of snow along with it. Not surprisingly, the Buffalo Bills moved their previously scheduled Sunday playoff game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers to Monday afternoon at 4:30pm, in order to avoid fans attempting to drive in the dangerous conditions. 

A travel ban was implemented in Erie County beginning Saturday night at 9pm, and has yet to be lifted in many parts of the Buffalo area. Although it was necessary, the ban is making the snow removal process inside the Bills’ home stadium pretty stressful. 

Buffalo Bills Ask For Help Shoveling Out Highmark Stadium

On Friday afternoon, the Bills sounded the alarm that they will be needing serious help getting their stadium ready for game day. 

They asked for people to sign up to shovel out the 60,000-seat stadium, offering $20 per hour in pay and free food and beverages for the trouble. Of course, Bills Mafia was ready to come save the day, but because of the terrible weather and the driving ban, the team asked fans to hold off. 

It looks like some diehard Bills fans didn’t abide by the request, and found their way into Highmark Stadium anyway to lend a hand, and boy are we glad they did. 

We’re not sure if these guys work for the Buffalo Bills, or perhaps they lived within walking distance to the stadium - but we’re so happy  they made it. First, so we can get ahead of getting the stadium ready for the Steelers game. But mostly for the gift of this hilarious footage.

Viral Video Of Snow Removal At Highmark Stadium

Unlike recent videos of Buffalo Bills fans that have gotten big online, we’re not embarrassed by this one. We’re also not shocked.

This clip shows the true essence of Bills Mafia; willing to do anything to help out their beloved team and having a blast in the process.

We won’t lie; we can’t necessarily support this behavior (it definitely qualifies as dangerous). But you have to admit that turning a snow chute into a luge is pretty brilliant. 

We love these fans stepping up for their stadium. After all, where else would you rather be?

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