At a recent press conference, Governor Kathy Hochul didn’t just discuss New York State news; she also heeded a warning to fellow fans of the Buffalo Bills

At an event earlier this week in Watervliet, New York, Hochul was asked about the sling she was sporting on her arm, and revealed that she injured herself while lifting weights at the gym. 

After a reporter quipped “Looks like a table smash to me” in reference to a recent viral video, Hochul joked back, “At least it wasn’t on fire.”

Folding Table On Fire At Bills Game Goes Viral

In case you forgot (or blocked it out of your mind), a viral video from last weekend’s Bills home game is making the rounds on social media.

In this disturbing yet hilarious video, a man is seen jumping through a folding table - something that’s admittingly not out of the ordinary at a Bills tailgate. What makes this clip stand out is that the table is on fire, and when the Bills fan landed on it, he, well…

Yeah, not smart. 

Hochul Warns Bills Fans: Don’t Do This

WNYT Albany/Canva
WNYT Albany/Canva

Clearly having seen the embarrassing video, Governor Hochul, who is a Bills fan herself, had some choice words for Bills Mafia that’ll be partying before the huge game against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday. 

“Buffalo Bills fans - I do not recommend that you jump on a burning table in Miami. Please don’t do that.”

(We love how enthusiastic the ASL interpreter is about the warning, too!)

Obviously, even before having seen the video, we wouldn’t exactly recommend jumping into a table that’s on fire. But now that we have, we have to say we agree with the Governor. 

We’re sure there will be some rowdy tailgates this weekend, but let’s do our best not to set anyone else on fire, okay?

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