Last night, Aaron Judge made history by hitting his 61st home run this season.  And the ball he hit went right through the glove of a fan in Toronto.

There's a dispute over whether or not Barry Bonds can be considered the real single-season home run record holder.  He was involved in a scandal where it came to light that during that season, Bonds had used anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing substances. Sadly, that record will always have a stain on it. However, the fact that he hit 73 home runs that season still stands.  He did that.

But people are discounting it and saying that there should be a record for the most "clean" home runs in a season and they're watching to see if Aaron Judge from the Yankees can do that.

He inched closer to owning that record on his own last night in Toronto.  The American League record is held by Roger Maris at 61 and last night he was joined by Aaron Judge as he hit his 61st also.

You can imagine how much that ball would be worth if someone was able to catch it, right?  It almost happened...

That's something that guy will probably NEVER get over.  He will forever remember that he was inches away from catching that ball.  And the worst could have been worth a life-changing amount of money.

According to CBS News, that ball could have been worth up to $2 million dollars.  Instead, it fell into the Blue Jays bull pen and was secured by officials there.

There are 7 games left in the regular season for the Yankees.  The next one will happen on Friday as they take on Baltimore in New York.

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