We are officially into "over analyze every single thing that people say" season where people are trying to find any nuggets of information everywhere.

Brandon Beane was on the Pat McAfee show to talk about the Buffalo Bills offseason and all the moves that have been made across the league.  But when he was asked about the day where Beane had to make a bunch of cuts to get under the cap, McAfee thinks he may have gotten him to say something that he didn't want to slip out.

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Brandon Beane was asked about the day he had to make the cuts

Immediately he agrees that it was a brutal day.  He started to talk about the players that were let go and he started with safety Jordan Poyer.  As it's been since they were both brought to the Bills, you can't mention Poyer without mentioning Hyde.  He said "he and Micah have been here...Micah is still a free agent" and that's when he was cut off by McAfee.

"Whoa whoa whoa..." he said as if he had caught Beane saying something he shouldn't have.

Beane backed up and said, "Like I said Micah is still talking...." and McAfee interrupted again and said, "You said BEEN here though.  So...we know."

Once again, Beane was quick to jokingly remind McAfee that he doesn't know anything.

We really don't know anything

Bills fans don't really know anything about Hyde's next move.  Is he planning on re-signing with the Bills?  Is he planning on moving on to another team?  Does he want to retire altogether?

It felt as though his wife was saying goodbye after the season was over in a heartfelt message to Buffalo fans on social media.

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He's been dealing with neck issues since the 2022 season and his contract is up.  That's about all the facts we have.  But we do know that the Bills do still seem to be talking with him.

Time will tell.  Was there something more to Beane's comment than what it seemed on the surface?  Was it a slip of the tongue by Beane or an overstep by McAfee?

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