On Tuesday, April 18, the controversial rules suddenly changed.

A golf course in Western New York was causing some waves when they announced last week that they would be charging EVERY golfer an alcohol 'corkage fee'--even if you weren't drinking alcohol. If you want your deposit back because you didn't drink you were going to have to take a breathalyzer test.

The players and leagues that play at Buffalo Tournament Club in Lancaster were very vocal and after the backlash, the golf course has backtracked and taken the rule away.

You WILL now be able to bring your own alcohol and not have to pay any type or corkage fee. There are some very reasonable and fair requests that the course requires.

They announced their new policy on their website and forwarded it to their leagues that there would be new alcohol policies for the course.

The management and staff work all day every day to provide the best golf experience, pleasant friendly atmosphere, and value for all players. We will be allowing personal coolers and NOT be searching them or golf bags but require that golfers do not have alcoholic beverages purchased off site visible in and around the club house or putting green area", according to the new policy on the Buffalo Tournament Club's website.

The original and controversial alcohol policy was posted on their website last week and was taken down a couple of days afterward:

I think it is fair to note that most golf courses and clubs have a policy that is similar to the new one that has been announced by Buffalo Tournament Club on Tuesday.

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