I’ve said it before and I mean it.  To me, pets aren’t just pets, they’re part of the family.  So I’m happy to say that my family has just grown by one.

We have had our dog Tucker for a long time.  He’s been with us for about 14 years now.  He’s definitely showing his age, but he’s still getting along ok for now.

About a year ago, we thought he might like someone to keep him company and we met Frankie.  A friend of mine was looking for a good home for a puppy that his dad had.  This is where we crossed paths with Frank.  While Frankie was one of the biggest challenges for me, he’s also become one of the biggest rewards.  He’s smart as hell and makes us laugh every day.  But he’s proven to be a little bit too much for Tucker.  He’s very energetic.  He’s a puppy.

It was evident that Frank could use someone to play with.  Even with all the walks, throwing balls and tugging toys, he still had a ton of energy.  It was also evident that Tucker would prefer to be, lets say, retired.  “Playing” for him only happens once in awhile and it certainly doesn’t last long.  So how do we keep them both happy?

Before we came across Frankie, we were looking to adopt a pet.  We’ve always believed that there were some great dogs out there just waiting to find a home and it was a great thing to do to “rescue” a dog.

This is where Gertie comes in.  We didn’t name her.  But it fits perfectly.  She’s a French bulldog that was rescued by Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue from a puppy mill.

She won us over immediately.

It was our first experience with adopting a dog through a rescue and it was incredible.  They certainly did their homework.  After filling out applications, meeting with her and her foster mom, and a home visit, they were sure that Gertie would fit right in.

I hope so.  She’s definitely giving Frankie a run for his money.  She’s still weary of me.  I don’t blame her.  After what she’s been through, I’m sure that I would never trust another human again.  Day by day though, I’m going to try to win her over.  Just a little bit at a time.

Welcome to the family Gertie.

Gertie sleeping (photo by Brett Alan)
Gertie sleeping (photo by Brett Alan)


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