We are already a couple days into October.  If you've been waiting patiently for the brisk fall temperatures that you normally expect, they'll be here soon.

It's been a very warm fall in Western New York

When you picture fall in Western New York, what kind of weather do you expect?  Most would guess that we would see leaves changing and falling off the trees.  You would see cooler days and pretty cold nights.

But that's not what we've seen so far at all.  It has been a pretty warm start to fall so far and it's only going to get warmer this week.  At the time this post is being written, we are looking at a high of 89 on Wednesday.

It's going to be near 90 for the first week of October!

Change is coming this weekend

Fall lovers, the weather you've been hoping and praying for is coming.  It's time to make sure those fireplaces are ready.  Clean the chimney or make sure there are batteries in your remote because you might be able to use them this weekend.  We are looking at a big cool-down on the horizon.

Get ready for fall temperatures starting on Friday

The old phrase about the weather in Buffalo is still true to this day.  If you don't like the weather right now, just wait a minute.  It will change.  It looks as though we should see some showers on Thursday night and they will bring some colder temperatures for the weekend.  The expected high on Friday is only 68 which is almost a 20-degree drop from Thursday.  Then on Saturday and Sunday, we are going to see temps barely hit 60 with a high of 58 on Saturday and a high of 55 on Sunday.

If you've waited for fall weather, it's coming this weekend.

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