Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany, has made her foray into the world of fashion design, having designed a capsule collection last winter. She's now continuing into a spring/summer line, posting a preview to social media of a dress she'll be offering. However, she's running into some challenges she probably didn't expect.

Namely, many fans are complaining that the tall and slender model she's using to show off the gown is too skinny, with some comments snarking that "she needs a cheeseburger" or other allusions to the fact that she needs to eat more and fatten up a bit. Other users lamented that they'd love to see how the clothes look on a "real"-sized woman.

Brittany wasn't having any of that, jumping into the fray and defending body diversity. "Not everyone is a size 2 but not everyone is a size 14 either," the singer's wife clapped back. "THEREFORE... I CHOSE a model who showed my clothes well and the way I wanted them to look.. so I love her size.. she is gorgeous) AND!! Telling someone to eat more is like telling someone to eat less!! It’s just as RUDE. So don’t bring that shit to my page!"

Many fans applauded her statement, ranging from those who shared stories about how they, too, are naturally thin and tired of being told they look sickly or need to eat more food; to those who cautiously approved but noted that they would indeed like to see how the clothes would look on a slightly more average figure.

One self-described "size 14" fan heartily applauded the post, saying cheerfully that she's "gonna finish her nachos" while wishing she could "rock that look."

The Aldeans are busy with many things these days; Brittany is holding down the home front with two little ones, including baby Navy who was born in February. They're also overseeing the construction of their dream house, while residing in a temporary (but very nice!) home situation.

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