It's a fact that seatbelts save lives! With today's technology in vehicles warning that you have not properly buckled up, it is no excuse to say that "you forgot."

A recent study shows that people who live in more rural areas are less likely to use their seatbelts in a car or truck.

According to the report in Metro Source News:

The Centers for Disease Control reports that adult drivers in rural areas were three to ten times more likely to die in crashes than city dwellers.

In Western New York, areas such as Cattaraugus County, Wyoming and Orleans Counties are known for being more rural and if you live in these areas, let this be a friendly reminder to use that seatbelt.

I know how it feels. You are just going to run to the neighbors farm or head to you hunting spot quick or grab something from the shed down the road. The problem is that 1. you never know what could happen and 2. it's the other drivers on the road you have to worry about. True, you know those roads like the back of your hand. But the leaf lookers or Sunday drivers may not know the curves and twists of the back roads in your area.

Reported seat belt use was around 75 percent in rural areas compared with near 90 percent in urban settings.

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