Gas prices range from $3.82 at Steve Hall Automotive on Bailey Avenue in Buffalo to $4.03 at the Getty station on Seneca and Juniata Place in Buffalo. Some say the turmoil in the Middle East is the cause for the rapid rise in gas prices but in reality we are shooting ourselves in the foot with speculation on Wall Street and the ill-advised closures of some key refineries around the country

Taxes are also a huge part of the amount you pay for gasoline. In New York State you pay .67 cents per gallon. Those tax dollars are supposed to go towards road repairs and construction. Have you driven through the streets of Buffalo in the past decade?  With the amount of money being raised we should be driving on streets of gold.  With the exception of a few major projects the rest of the roads you drive on everyday have pretty much been abandoned by Erie County and New York State.

So where is the mountain of money going?  In the past few years New York has been using the money to close the budget gap.  Unfortunately our roads are now in a state of disrepair.  Albany and Washington need to understand that gas prices have a direct impact on the recovery of our economy.  Higher gas prices mean you cannot afford that new car or new energy efficient appliances for your home.  We can only hope that our leaders hear us and get these price increases under control.