People who have shopped for groceries out of town at a Whole Foods Market usually come away impressed.  The Buffalo area's first Whole Foods is scheduled to open this summer in Amherst on the site of the former Hens and Kelly and Bon Ton store at Northtown Plaza on Sheridan Drive.

I compare Whole Foods to Wegman's.  Brightly lit with appetizing presentations of fresh produce, baked goods, cheese, meat and prepared foods, the new Amherst Whole Foods will have a couple of features that we've never seen in a grocery store in this area; a bocce ball court and a tap room.

The Amherst Whole Foods will feature a restaurant serving food and beer, something that only five of their stores in the Northeast have.  A company spokesman says Whole Foods looks for fun ways to create an experience inside of their stores that allow customers to participate.

The parking lots and landscaping is mostly complete.  The store should be open by August.

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