Your hairdresser or your barber may tell you to “feel free to make yourself comfortable,” but they want you to stop doing this. 

It’s a salon / barbershop faux pas that could lead to some embarrassing results on your newest haircut, and so many people are completely unaware of it. 

When you first walk in for your haircut, your biggest concern may be how short you want your hair or what kind of style you’d like or an enthusiastic hairdresser that wants to snip snip away. However, you may be doing something subconsciously that can affect your hairdo in a negative way. 

And that is…crossing your legs. 

The easy mistake garnered some serious attention following the use of the trending TikTok sound “Sally Field Mrs. Doubtfire.” 

One salon account on TikTok shared a video that quickly went viral, making people wonder: should you uncross your legs during a haircut?

The answer is yes, especially if your hairdresser or barber asks you to do so in Western New York. Odds are, they are simply trying to give you the best haircut that they can provide, and they are taking the necessary steps to do so. 

One hairdresser elaborated on the truth of the cross/uncross saga. 

“When you sit in a salon chair with your legs crossed,” the hairdresser said in her TikTok video @pikakirby11. “You’re actually leaning your body to a certain side depending on which leg you cross.” 

“While they’re cutting your hair, you don’t know it, but you’re sitting at an angle that you don’t see,” she said. 

Once you uncross the legs, it becomes obvious that your hair is slightly uneven. Even the slightest head tilt can cause your cut to be uneven, so it’s important to remember to sit upright in the chair with good posture so your haircut turns out great!

Is every hairdresser or barber in Western New York a stickler for the legs being uncrossed? No, but a handful of them are, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

I mean, if I am paying to have my haircut, I would want it to be even…wouldn’t you?

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