While Rex Ryan was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, he had a sausage named after him at Camillo's Sloan Supermarket.  Now, according to WKBW, coach McDermott got his own.

The previous head coach's sausage was called the Big Rex and I can tell you from experience that it was delicious.

There's new leadership at One Bills Drive however, so that means a new name.  Say hello to the Mighty McDermott.  It's the latest creation at Camillo's meant to honor the new coach.

While it's similar to the Big Rex, with a blend of pork, spinach, cheese, peppers and onions, this new sausage is a little shorter in length because coach McDermott isn't as tall as Rex and they lightened up the spices a bit because he's not as aggressive.

Stock up on the Mighty McDermott now at Camillo's Sloan Supermarket at 494 Reiman St.

Meanwhile McDermott is holding down his first training camp with the Bills at St. John Fisher college.


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