It's hard to believe that we only have two weeks left in the 2021 regular season. The Buffalo Bills' last two remaining games are both at Highmark Stadium: this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons and the following Sunday, January 9th, against the New York Jets.

The Bills beat the New England Patriots 33-21 in Foxborough this past Sunday. With the win, the Bills reclaimed first place in the AFC East at 9-6. The Patriots have the same overall record, but lose out in the division record tiebreaker.

The Bills and Patriots are both highly likely to make the playoffs. In fact, the Bills can clinch a postseason berth with a win against the Falcons, and a loss by the Baltimore Ravens. They can clinch the division with a win and a Patriots loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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The AFC playoff standings is as jumbled as we have ever seen it with just two weeks remaining.

The Dolphins started 1-7, but have no rattled off eight straight wins and control their own playoff destiny. The Ravens have been ravaged by injuries, while the Chargers and Raiders likely need to win out and get a key loss to make it. The Steelers, Browns and Broncos are holding on by a thread.

But who is the Bills likeliest playoff matchup? The answer is pretty ironic.

The Bills have the best odds to face the Patriots in the Wild Card round at 48.8 percent. They also have 57.8 percent chance to face New England at some point in the postseason this year.

The Bills are overwhelming favorites to be the number 3 or 4 seed in the AFC playoffs, which 3 more likely because of remaining opponents (strength of schedule).

So, the odds say the Bills (3 seed) will face the Patriots (6 seed) in the AFC Wild Card round.

Do we want that, Bills Mafia?

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