The NFL is full of colorful characters.  Some of them for the way they play, some for the names that they were given...even if they aren't on their birth certificates.

Nicknames are very common in the NFL.  Heck, some players like Chad Ochocinco (who got his nickname from his jersey number - #85) have even legally changed their nicknames to their legal name.

We have no shortage of great players with nicknames that stand out here in Buffalo either.  Some sound scary...some are hilarious.  Honestly, some are just sad

This is a list of 16 of the best and some of the worst we've seen here wearing the red, white, and blue.  We've got everything from a comparison to a Flintstones character to a children's book character.  Which ones did we miss?  Did you have a favorite player with an incredible nickname back in the day?

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