When you think of the Buffalo Bills you think of their high-power offense, their tough defense, and a special teams unit that can score more often than some other NFL teams, what you don't think of is them being the worst at something.

But last year for all the highlight touchdowns, incredible defensive plays, and long-range field goals, the Bills were lacking in one category that they will need to improve if they want to win the Super Bowl.

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In a shocking stat, the Buffalo Bills were ranked 32nd or dead last when it came to yards after a catch during last season.

Basically, that means for the most part as soon as the Bills receivers like Gabe Davis and Stefon Diggs got the ball they got tackled right away.

Good offenses can have low YAC stats, but Super Bowl-winning teams need higher than average yards after catch stat to give the quarterback a break and wear down the opponent's defense.

According to NFL insider Warren Sharp, the Bills were the worst team in the league last season for YAC.

The Bills are hoping that some new additions to the wide receiver core will help with the overall average of yards after catch and help the Bills win the Super Bowl.

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