If you're a Bills fan, this could be the coolest thing to happen on your wedding day.

According to The Buffalo News, Joe Lovullo and his new wife Lorrie were having their wedding portraits done outside New Era Field last weekend.  They are huge fans and even got engaged there in the parking lot of the field.

So when rookies Josh Allen, Harrison Phillips and Austin Proehl were heading back to the facility after a charity bowling event they spotted the couple outside taking their pictures.

"As we were passing the store, we saw people taking wedding photos," Allen explained Monday. "My girlfriend spotted them. We thought it would be kind of cool to show the fans appreciation. We obviously knew that they were big fans of the Buffalo Bills if they were taking wedding photos in front of the stadium."

So of course the newlyweds asked them to take some pictures with them.  They said yes, and the pictures quickly went viral.

Although, I'm not sure you can call it "crashing" the pictures if they were welcomed like they were with open arms!

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