There is a little known fact about getting into Highmark Stadium. Really, when we first found out about this, we thought this was quite the secret to keep from Buffalo Bills fans.

How do you get into the Buffalo Bills stadium FAST?

There is a FAST PASS lane to get INTO the Buffalo Bills games and you don't need to buy anything extra. This happens every single game, too.

If you are a Toyota driver, all you have to do is go to Gate 2. There is a FAST PASS LANE and literally, all you have to do is show them your Toyota vehicle keys and you and your group get to skip the line and go right to security and then in. So, just find someone in your group who has Toyota keys and you are good to go.

You get to bring YOU AND YOUR GUESTS that have tickets through the fast pass line.

How much is parking this year at Highmark Stadium this year? 

Parking is 40 bucks and you will for sure need to make your way to the stadium earlier this year as the Bills have eliminated so much parking because of the construction of the brand new stadium across the street.

What about tailgating limousines?

Tailgating Limousines must have a vehicle capacity of 11 passengers or fewer. Passengers in vehicles with a capacity of 12 or greater will not be permitted to tailgate or loiter at or near their vehicle and may only tailgate within Tailgate Village. All Limo, Non-Tailgating Bus and Tailgating Bus passes must be purchased in advance of the game", according to the Buffalo Bills website.

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